We have the tools to get you covered
In this modern era, technology is advancing quickly and threats to your business are always finding loop holes to cripple down your activities. Ellisons Technologies is devoted to providing you with tools and expertise to secure your boundaries.

See why you need Ellisons Technologies as your security service provider.

1. You work with the latest and most updated security tools available

With Ellisons security as a service, you’re always using tools that are updated with the latest threats and options. This means no more worrying that your users are not updating their anti-virus software and keeping other software up to date to ensure the latest security patches are in use. The same case goes for updating and maintaining spam filters.

2. You get the best security people working for you

Our IT security experts are at your beck and call, and we may have more experience and a better skill set than most people the IT security arena.

3. Faster provisioning

The beauty of as-a-service offerings is that we can give you access to these tools instantly. SECaaS offerings are provided on demand, so you can scale up or down as the need arises, and you can do so with speed and agility.

4. You get to focus on what’s more important for your organization

Using a web interface or having access to a management dashboard can make it easier for your own IT team to administer and control security processes within the organization.

5. Save on costs

You do not have to buy expensive hardware or pay for software licenses. Instead, you can replace the upfront capital with variable operating expense, usually at a discounted rate compared to the upfront costs.